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How to Choose the Hair & Makeup That's Right for You on Your Wedding Day...

It can be quite over-whelming scrolling through endless Pinterest and Instagram feeds in an attempt to find the style of hair and makeup you want for your wedding day. Asking yourself which hair style you think suits you best, whether your eyes/lips/brows/fill-in-the-blank are capable of pulling that makeup look off, and so on!

So here's a few things to consider in the process of nailing your bridal hair and makeup look...

Booking the Artist That's Right for You

First things first, you've got to find the makeup artist/hair stylist who's style you love! Just because your cousin's best friend is a makeup artist, if her style is more drag than queen, you may you may want to politely decline the offer!

If you're got a rough idea of style, ask to see pictures of the artists work so that way you can see they're able to do the styles you're after. And if you love the look of what they do then book in for a trial to test out different looks.

If you haven't found your wedding hair/makeup artist yet then what are you waiting for?! Email us at 😉

Up, Down, Side or Pony?! Let's Talk Hair!

Choosing your hair style can be more or less the trickiest part when it comes to deciding on your overall bridal look. But it all comes down to the hair on YOUR head, not what you see on social media or your friends.

If you always wear your hair down because you hate how it looks up... then don't wear it up! It's simple really, keep to the style that makes you feel the most comfortable. Just because it's your wedding day, it doesn't mean you have to go crazy different and try something you'd never normally have. You'll only end up feeling self-conscious and very aware of how different you look... And that my friend, really does show in pictures!

Also, think about whether you'd like a veil, flowers or hair accessories. This will dictate how the hair style will finish - so chat to your stylist, who will give you the best advice on how best to incorporate any pieces you're planning on having.

Think about Your Wedding Dress

If you haven't already got your wedding dress you may want to revisit this article when you do! (If you do, then please, continue...!)

The style of your dress may be something to consider when choosing your hair style. For instance if your dress is high-neck or has a lot of detail on the front/back, you may prefer some kind of up-do or side-do, that way your hair style isn't hiding or taking away from any detail that may be on your dress.

Also, think of the colour... Now that we're in the 21st century and white is no longer the compulsory colour - we've had brides wear dresses from blush pink to bright red - this should be a consideration when choosing eyeshadow or lip colours. So if you're going for something a little different like a pink dress, maybe reconsider the red lipstick - pink and red rarely work together!

Nailing the Makeup Look... Don't be Afraid to Experiment

Day-to-day most women stick to the same old makeup products and their style rarely changes. So when it comes to your wedding makeup trial, make sure you try a few different styles and compare them. Ask your artist to start off soft and build on it, making sure you take pictures at every stage so you are able to see the differences - even if they're only subtle!

And don't be afraid of trying different looks that your makeup artist may suggest. They'll have a lot of knowledge on what suits certain skin tones and face shapes - they may even open your eyes to a new style of makeup that really compliments your features that you've not tried before!

Confidence is the start of real beauty...

So no matter what, and we can't stress this one enough - don't do anything with your hair or makeup that doesn't make you FEEL anything less than fabulous! Bridal beauty is all about enhancing your own natural beauty at the end of the day, something that every woman (and man) has!

If you want to get in touch to discuss your wedding hair and makeup, then feel free to drop us a message at 💛

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