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Skincare prep for the big day!

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

When it comes to bridal makeup, time and time again brides are wanting to achieve that gorgeous glowing skin on their wedding day – I mean, who wouldn’t want their skin to resemble the queen of glow Rosie-Huntington Whiteley’s on their wedding day right?!

And when it comes to bridal beauty, there are some amazing products out there to help you get that glow. But today, we want to talk about the things you can do at home in the lead up to your wedding day, to ensure your skin is the best it can possibly be and positively glowing, from the inside out!

3 Months to go

You’re never too early to start with skincare, but this is around the time you really want to start implementing some key habits!

  • Ditch the face wipes! You’ll be surprised how many of us don’t actually manage to take ALL of our makeup off when it comes to the night-time ritual - and honestly, face wipes just don’t cut it! Investing in two types of remover, also known as cleansers – one specifically for eyes and the other for the rest of your face, will really help you remove all that build up of makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day, so that your skin can benefit from a real deep cleanse and actually get the chance to recover and breathe again – ideal for cell regeneration!

  1. Loadsa Honey Face Wash 150ml - The Beauty Kitchen

  2. Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier - Tropic Skincare

  3. Eye Makeup Remover - La Roche-Posay

1 Month to go

  • Serums, oils and moisturisers – oh my! And for those with oily, problematic skin – this means you too! Our skin takes a beating from the weather and day-to-day external elements, so it’s our job to protect and nourish it! Serums and oils, when used after makeup removal and cleansing, are made for penetrating deep down to all 5 layers (yep, 5 layers to look after!) of our skin. As moisturising creams were created for surface hydration, only reaching around 2/3 layers, these are to be used after oils/serums to lock in the goodness at the top!

  1. Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil - Pai

  2. Hydrating Firming Serum - Green People

  3. Ultra Facial cream - Kiehl's

3 Weeks to go

  • Hell yes, H2O! Edging closer to the big day and now you have your skincare routine nailed, it’s time to focus on what you start doing on the inside! How many of us really drink our recommended 2/3 litres a day? Well if there was ever a time to do so – it’s weeks before your wedding! We can hydrate with serums and creams all day long, but if our body isn’t keeping up its side of the hydration bargain, our skin will know about it! Water and hydration is key to increasing elasticity, reducing fine lines and creating a fuller, more plumped (glowing!) look! It also helps promote detoxing and removal of impurities – decreasing the chance of wedding day breakouts – hurray!

The week of!

  • Reelllaaaaxxxx… This may not be the right time to tell you, but… try to get some sleep! By now you are a hydrated, well-nourished, glowing goddess… And you know what goddesses need? Beauty sleep! You’ve put in all the prep and got your skincare routine down to a fine art, so treat yourself to some well-earned zzz’s. This is when the real magic happens and your body does all the hard-work for you!

  1. Scent to Sleep Pillow Mist - Neom

  2. Why not try some yoga before bed for a good nights sleep....

Why not book in for one of our luxurious Facial treatments for the ultimate skincare experience?

Last but not least.... ENJOY IT! There's nothing more glowing than a happy, smiling bride :)


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